Precision Pearl Inc. was founded in 1993 by Tom Ellis, president. After building finely crafted mandolins and banjos for 15 years Tom turned in attention to the business of inlay. Starting small with a few good customers Tom used his talents to engineer CNC machinery into pearl cutting machines.
Precision Pearl Inc. utilizes CNC machinery with 12 cutter heads on 9 different machines. Each of these is set up to run a variety of different material. Most parts are cut using a .030” tool. Thinner peghead inlays, specialty parts and engraving can be done with smaller tools.
Precision Pearl Inc. is the leader in manufacturing inlays from solid mother of pearl and abalone. We offer Grade ”A” white mother-of-pearl from the Philippines and green abalone from Mexico. Additional shell types are Green lip, brown lip, black lip and gold lip MOP. We also offer pink abalone and red abalone when available. We also machine inlays from laminate shell, recon stone, phenolic, wood, brass, aluminum, and brass.
All natural shell materials offered by Precision Pearl Inc. have been sourced and imported using a plan of due diligence. We maintain a license through FWS for importing and exporting shell materials. All international shipments are declared and cleared by FWS. Copies of license and cleared documents are available upon request.
Meeting a growing demand for shell alternatives Precision Pearl Inc. offers laser cut acrylic inlays. Acrylic material is a nice substitute for shell for builders not wanting to deal with extra time and expense of exporting an instrument though FWS. The wide variety of colors make acrylic the perfect material for stand out inlay.
Precision Pearl Inc. also routes cavities and installs inlay. We slot, radius, and profile boards too.
Whether you are looking for a one off custom inlay or a production run of a 1000 you can count on the reliable service of Precision Pearl Inc. Call or email today and let’s talk about your next inlay project.